The people 
behind adtron

Over time, some of our customers wanted to participate more actively in their projects and gave other tools a shot.

Unfortunately, none of these tools really satisfied them. Their interfaces are too complex, and they don’t allow you to adapt your campaigns to the specifics of the mobile device. Which in turn leads to less effective ads with sub-par conversions.

That's why we decided to make our tool globally accessible for every company that wants to lift its brand with awesome interactive mobile advertising. We improved the user experience and added key features to our tool so that you can realize the full potential of the smartphone. Without having to know anything about coding.

It all started in 2008 with the founding of bam! Interactive and us being fed up with being bombarded with boring advertising on our smartphones.

So we started to develop exciting smartphone advertising for, and with, our customers. Successful campaign concepts plus sophisticated media plans in combination with creation, technology, and data made us the No. 1 partner of renowned brands.

Soon, the requests of our customers exceeded our capacities. So we developed a rudimentary tool, at first, that allowed us to automate our processes. Our simple tool enabled us to deliver more than 2,000 campaigns with an average CTR of 5% in 12 years.
"We did all the heavy lifting for you, so you can directly benefit from what works best in the real world of interactive mobile advertising."
Mustafa Mussa, CEO of adtron

Our values

User Experience

You are the hero of our story. We are here for you to give free rein to your creativity.


Performance is key. Every campaign has to run smoothly and reliably, so you can reach your engagement & conversion goals.


We set standards for innovation in mobile ad tech, thanks to features like VR for 100% brand lift world-wide.

The Management

Mustafa Mussa

CEO & Founder
Mustafa Mussa [CEO] is a media computer scientist, founder & passionate digitalist, and has been on "Mission Mobile" since 2003.

Ahmed Zarrouki

Ahmed Zarrouki [CMO] was a digital design freelancer for 10 years and brings his expertise, as well as organizational talent as creative director to every campaign. For bam! since as early as 2015.

How we work

The cloud-based world is our home. Our international team works remotely with all the tools we need to fuel our ambition to provide and improve the world’s best tool for interactive online advertisements:
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Careers at adtron for 
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Do you want to be a significant part of our international team that’s revolutionizing the world of mobile advertising? Take a look at our open positions. Maybe we’re a match!